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By Ryan Murphy contact the reporter

That was fast – this spring’s Wine and Brew Fest in Smithfield has already sold out. Judy Winslow, Smithfield and Isle of Wight’s tourism director, announced on Facebook on the afternoon of Feb. 3 that the event had officially sold out.

There were still hotel packages and sponsorships available at that time, but the reserved tables and 2650 individual tickets were completely sold out after four days. Last year, it took 11 days to sell out.
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The Smithfield VA Wine & Brew Fest, now in its third year, will be held at Windsor Castle Park on between April 10 and 12. The festival will feature more than a dozen Virginia wineries and craft breweries, an international wine tent and live entertainment.

Smithfield Winery, which has been cultivating grapes on the grounds at Windsor Castle Manor, will make their bubbly debut at the festival as well.

If you missed out, fear not. There were still hotel packages available and the organizaers suggest checking out the group’s facebook page and craigslist leading up to the event in case someone tries to sell a couple of extra tickets.

The festival’s website has a whole page dedicated to what you can do in case tickets are sold out at smithfieldvawinebrewfest.com/options-when-sold-out.

Also, like any good festival or elite university, you can get on the waitlist in case tickets become available. Though odds are you’ll have to attend your safety wine-and-beer festival this year and try to get your application in earlier next year.
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