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“We have used Atty/ Plott’s services on numerous issues. Atty. Plott and his staff are not only outstanding professionals, but they actually care about you as a person. Atty. Plott helped my family recently through two traffic violations: one ended up dismissed and reducing the other because of him. Atty. Plott seems to have an […]

“Lawyer Stephen Plott And Heather Plott are very kind and professional, who treats their clients with respect and loyalty most of all equal to all culture diversity’s. They are firm, fair and consistent . Every time I do business with them I’m greeted with a smile and kindness Heather and Stephen are such kind and […]

“Seemed to have an outstanding rapport with the court system in Suffolk…got things taken care of quickly.”

“Mr. Plott and his staff are not only outstanding professionals, but they actually care about you as a person. Mr. Plott helped me through a traffic violation that they ended up dismissing because of him and went above and beyond and I’m very grateful. I would happily encourage anyone who needs help with his expertise […]

” Mr Plott represented me very well and I am very pleased with the outcome of my case.”

“Was the easiest experience ever…would use him again for anything!”

“On my initial meeting with Mr. Plott and his paralegal I was so nervous, being my first time having to deal with any legal situation, but they somehow sensed my discomfort and quickly put my mind at ease. Thank you for everything.”

“Mr. Plott is a seasoned lawyer. Not only was he able to get me the results I desired in court, but I also read an appeal letter he handled concerning another client. Mr. Plott saved this man 15 years on a wrongful conviction. That alone speaks volumes on his character and precision in the practice […]

“I received the appeal in the mail the 2nd week of July and after reading it once, I read it again – because it was so damn good! Sometimes you hit a single, sometimes a double, if you’re lucky you hit a triple, but when you are on your game, you can hit a homerun. […]

“I was very lucky to have Mr. Plott represent me. He was very thorough when he would explain the options I had and the opinions he had on them. Mr. Plott wanted nothing but the absolute best outcome for me. I am extremely satisfied with his services.”

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