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The College of William & Mary is getting a marketing makeover. The College of Knowledge has adopted a new logo to use in its publications, brochures and general materials, and it’s a keeper. Take a look at the artwork, at right. The new logo is an elegant, very Williamsburg-y cypher – the W and the […]

A lawsuit filed on behalf of four inmates alleging cruel and unusual punishment at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women has been certified as a class-action lawsuit. Judge Norman K. Moon ruled Thursday that the lawsuit filed by the Legal Aid Justice Center against the Department of Corrections and medical staff at FCCW applies to […]

More than a year after dismissing the last major challenge to the city’s controversial waterfront plan, the Virginia Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a new appeal from three Alexandria residents better known as “The Iron Ladies.” Last year, the high court ruled that April Burke, Elizabeth Gibney and Marie Kux’s appeal of […]

Six former employees of Lyon Shipyard allege in a lawsuit a hostile and racist work environment with frequent use of racial slurs and references to slavery and neo-Nazi and KKK activities. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and lost wages. The plaintiffs, Kermit Golden of Hampton, Marcus […]

Late in a day of unrest Thursday on Grounds, University of Virginia officials announced the appointment of former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip to lead a review of the school’s policy and procedures for dealing with sexual assaults. A statement from Rector George Keith Martin released just after 8 p.m. broke a nearly daylong […]

Lawyers who defend DUI charges often post information on field sobriety tests as a marketing hook for potential clients searching online for legal advice. One of the most popular tests discussed is the horizontal gaze, or “nystagmus” test This test tracks involuntary eye movement by asking a driver to follow a pen or similar object, moving only the eyes and […]

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