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The College of William & Mary is getting a marketing makeover.

The College of Knowledge has adopted a new logo to use in its publications, brochures and general materials, and it’s a keeper. Take a look at the artwork, at right.

The new logo is an elegant, very Williamsburg-y cypher – the W and the M scroll around and underneath a crown. It would make a lovely trivet. Here’s betting you can find one in brass at the College Bookstore.

The logo conjures up the elegant and the old. The latter message is underscored by the “Chartered 1693” at the bottom of the whole package. And that’s “chartered,” not founded, not established. Chartered – the College has royalty to thank for its inception.

So a tip of the tri-corner hat to the marketers for getting this one right.

It’s a huge improvement over a prior logo that had a green, blocky W and M (left). For the world, it looked a whole lot like the Waste Management logo you’ll see on garbage trucks.

Another marketing stinker was the school’s effort to create a mascot. With much breathless anticipation, the William & Mary Griffin was launched in 2010. There was supposed to be a naming contest at the time; the griffin remains the thing that shall not be named. My money remains on “Merv.”

The College produced one of the very best marketing campaigns I have ever seen about 30 years ago. I’m pretty sure it was a simple give-money letter. When you opened up the letter, out came the scent of Williamsburg, the flowery and spicy smell you would get when you walked into the shops of Duke of Gloucester Street. It lifted you and carried you back to college days at My Old School.

Great stuff, and all it took was buying a couple of cans of potpourri spray on DOG Street.

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